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How to Optimize a PDF Document for SEO

Create Search Engine Friendly PDF Files Much like normal pages on a website, PDF documents can appear in search results when users search for their desired keyword. Most of the time though, the Title and Description are listed as something crazy and really doesn’t entice searches to click on them. The reason this happens is …

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Essential WordPress Plugins You May Not Know About

Not So Popular WordPress Plugins One great aspect about using WordPress is the abundance of plugins that are available at your disposal. It seems there has been a plugin created for just about everything imaginable. Among the thousands and thousands, few arise and stand out from the crowd. A handful separate themselves from the rest …

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Google Analytics Alternative – Clicky Analytics

Clicky Website Analytics There are several quality analytics programs on the market to help you gather valuable information about your site and how users interact with it plus measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This information is crucial if you want to get the most out of your website(s). I use Clicky for all …

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Free PHP Website Template

Get a Free PHP Web Design Template Here is a simple template that you can download for free. It is a normal web template except that it utilizes PHP script to call certain files. This is also known as a PHP Include. What the Heck is a PHP Include It is a simple line of …

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Submit Your XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Help Google Know What Pages are on Your Site Sitemaps are good ways to let search engines know what pages are in your site. Some say they help expedite the process of getting your pages indexed while others disagree. My theory is that if you have a good navigation system in place for your website, …

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Table vs CSS Layout

Table Layouts Compared to Div Tag Layouts // One crucial decision in the layout of a web design must be answered before the first character of code is written. The decision to use a Table based layout or to use Div tags in the creation of your site must be addressed beforehand in order to …

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HTML and CSS Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet Plus Many More Today I came across a website that offers a variety of cheat sheets or reference cards if you will. Among them were an HTML Cheat Sheet and a CSS Cheat Sheet. The website is called Added Bytes and is ran by a guy from the UK named Dave Child …

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Prevent DMOZ Description From Showing in Search Engine Results Sometimes when looking at search engine results, the descriptions will be something other than the meta description or snippets from the site. In most cases, this is the result of the search engine showing the DMOZ description instead. If you have a site listed in DMOZ …

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HTML 101 – Part 4 – Div Tags

How to Use Div Tags for CSS Layout? In our last lesson, we went over how to create navigation menus using lists. Our design to this point seems kind of bland and boring so we are going to cover some basic CSS styles so we can style our page and make it look more like …

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Your Website

How You Can Rank Higher in Search Engines SEO companies can really enhance the performance of your search engine rankings. This can be a lengthy process depending on the competitive strength of your niche. It can also be an expensive process as well. What can you do yourself to make a difference in your rankings …

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