Essential WordPress Plugins You May Not Know About

Not So Popular WordPress Plugins

One great aspect about using WordPress is the abundance of plugins that are available at your disposal. It seems there has been a plugin created for just about everything imaginable. Among the thousands and thousands, few arise and stand out from the crowd. A handful separate themselves from the rest and become well known and are essential for just about every blog. Then there are those that you may have never heard of that will soon be a part of those essentials.

Below you will find examples of some plugins that most people have never heard of.

Cache Plugin for WordPressA.K.A. – WordPress Super Cache. This plugin in is widely known by those who want to boost their site’s performance. More than likely though, the average blogger has never heard of this plugin. This should be one of the first plugins installed before a site goes live. With search engines now using load time as metrics for rankings, you need to be concerned about speed more than ever.

All in One SEO WordPress Plugin Alternative
This is an SEO plugin designed to get the most out of your site from a search engine optimization standpoint. It has been around for a while, but recently has started making headway and giving the All in One Seo plugin a run for its money. Some would say it is like All in One SEO on steroids.

WordPress Breadcrumb PluginThis plugin is pretty much self explanatory. It is a simple to use script that allows you to add breadcrumbs to all of your pages. This helps users know where you are on your site plus let’s search engines understand your site’s structure more easily.

All in One Adsense and YPN WordPress PluginFor bloggers looking to monetize their sites with Google Adsense or the Yahoo Publisher Network, this plugin is for you. You can easily apply ads on a global basis or on a post-by-post basis. Locating the ads within your posts or pages is also a breeze.

WordPress File Compression PluginAs a complimentary sidekick to WP-Super Cache, this plugin takes a few steps further in optimizing your site for speed. It will add expires headers for your images and scripts plus it will move JavaScript to the footer of your site. There is a way to exclude scripts that go to the bottom if you are a little savvy with code. It will also optimize your code including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. YUI compression is also an option.

Let’s Hear From You

What other WordPress plugins would you add to this list that others may not know about?

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