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Here is a simple template that you can download for free. It is a normal web template except that it utilizes PHP script to call certain files. This is also known as a PHP Include.

What the Heck is a PHP Include

It is a simple line of script that tells a web page to go get or include another file. This allows you to call other files such as header files, navigation, and footer files plus many more. This template utilizes a footer and a header file that is called by the script.

Advantages of PHP Includes

If you have a website with 50 pages and you need to add a simple line of text to your footer, you would typically have to change the footer in 50 pages or use a find and replace tool to replace text. With a PHP Include, you can modify your footer.php file and every page that uses that file will be updated automatically.

Download your Free PHP Website

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  1. Marie
    Aug 24, 2010

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

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  3. Hendry
    Jan 23, 2012

    Thanks for this tempelate..
    This will be very useful for me..

  4. Naza
    Jul 22, 2012

    Thank you so much… ^_^

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