How to Optimize a PDF Document for SEO

Create Search Engine Friendly PDF Files

Much like normal pages on a website, PDF documents can appear in search results when users search for their desired keyword. Most of the time though, the Title and Description are listed as something crazy and really doesn’t entice searches to click on them. The reason this happens is because the PDF file hasn’t been optimized. This brief tutorial will show you how to maximize your PDF documents.

In order to optimize your PDF documents, you must have a PDF editing tool. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro for this demonstration but any PDF creator should work fine.

To get started…

Open the PDF file you want to optimize then select File – Properties or you can press Ctrl + D on a PC. This will open up the Document Properties window. This is where the magic happens so they say.

There are mainly three fields that will do the trick but there are tons of additional information you can include.

  • Title: This is the meta title tag for your document.
  • Subject: This is the meta description for your document.
  • Keywords: This is the meta keywords for your document. Some would argue whether these are relevant anymore. It doesn’t hurt to put 2 or 3 in there. Separate your keywords with commas.

Adobe Acrobat Document Properties

Once you make these changes, simply select “OK” and save your document. It is as easy as that.

Once again, there are many other advanced features that you can modify such as security and how the page will display.

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What other ways do you use to optimize your PDF’s?

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  1. David Webb
    Nov 05, 2010


    Thanks for the post. I didn’t know you could do that with PDF files.


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